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Engineering Drawings

Architectural Metalwork

We specialise in Architectural metalwork drawings, supplying full drawing packs including General arrangement, Layout, Assembly, Bill of Materials, Fabrication, Welding and Sheet Metal Drawings. 


All information required for the fabrication of architectural metalwork projects is supplied... eliminating production issues and reducing lead times.

Drawings - Technical services
CAD Drawings - Architectural Metalwork

A selection of work we have been involved with

Mechanical Components & Assemblies

Engineering Drawings - Mechanical Component

Working as design engineers we have years of experience designing precision components and in-depth exposure to  machining capabilities and requirements.


All drawings provide general dimensions as well as geometric tolerances.


The project management we can provide bringing concepts through to manufacture grants our customers a confidence that projects are delivered on time and budget. 

Structural Steel

3D structural steel

All projects large and small are completed on time and budget thanks to our project management and attention to detail. Large structural steel projects can be turned around within days providing GA drawings BOM's and full drawing packs including section cut lists and fabrication drawings.


A selection of examples drawings provided for structural steel projects

3D to 2D or 2D to 3D

Exisitng 3D or 2D Data
Converted 3D Model

Existing Data

Converted to 3D

Engineering Drawing

To 2D Drawing

Drawings can be generated with any data provided to us Including tangible products. Through reverse engineering we can supply a full set of accurate drawings for production.

We have also been involved with converting 2D catalogue engineering drawings into 3D models (all 3D formats) for engineering firms allowing their customers to download and import them into their 3D models.

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