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Let 'Us' Be 'Your' CAD Department 


When 3D modelling is effectively and efficiently utilised detailed engineering drawings, simulations, visualisations and animations can be created to support design, marketing, manufacturing and sales.

The benefits of 3D modelling:
  • Removes any costly problems that could arise in production. 
  • 3D models convey design intent to customers. 
  • Reduces conjecture in production.
  • Reduced lead times.
S3D utilises CAD to Design:
  • Precision Machined Components & Assemblies
  • Structural Steel 
  • Industrial Products
  • Bespoke Machines
  • Architectural Metalwork: 
          Full assemblies are designed offering floor layouts, fabrication drawings and individual machined part drawing​
  • Sheet Metal Products:
          Producing sheet metal parts and flat pattern profiles for laser cutting
  • Weldments:
          Utilising a library of off the shelf section parts to create weld assemblies and weld detailing.

Converting 2D to 3D

Whatever the application we offer a quick turnaround from original data to 3D CAD models and Engineering drawings.
Converting from: 
  • Prototypes
  • Tangible Products
  • Site Survey
  • Drawings
  • Sketch
  • 2D data
  • 3D data
Converting data allows for:
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Mass Production (Initial prototype)
  • 3D or 2D Product Brochures
  • 3D Libraries

Engineering drawings along with geometric tolerancing are a necessary part of engineering design. Used to clearly communicate engineering requirements for manufactured items. Utilising geometric tolerancing to define an allowable variation in part geometry.

We produce accurate and detailed drawings with geometric tolerancing for:

Presicion machined components

Architectural Metalwork parts and assemblies 

Machine parts and assemblies

Plastic components

and more.....

Drop us a call to find out how we can help: contact


Photo-realistic Rendering is the process of applying realistic materials, textures and decals to the 3D model that when rendered produces Photo-realistic visualisations.

The benefits of 3D Visuals:
  • Allowing customers to envisage the final product in the very early stages of the process; a very valuable and cost effective tool.
  • Photo-realistic visuals help add an extra level of professionalism to a company.
  • Contracts can be won.
  • Easy to distribute.
  • Cost effective.
  • Enhances visual communication between departments and clients.
All models can be rendered to produce stunning visuals and because the hard work of creating a detailed 3D model occurs first creating the visuals is an easy task.
Our customers usually ask us to create a full CAD package that includes:
  1. 3D model in a format they can view and orientate themselves on their computer.
  2. Technical Drawings for machined components, fabrication, layout, assemblies and BOM's etc.
  3. Photo-realistic Visuals that convey design intent to their customers.

We have designed everything from architectural staircases to bearing building machines. Working from customer design briefs, architectural drawings, sketches or general ideas we provide innovative solutions four our customers needs.


Working to a high standard delivering design solutions to our customers is part of our ethos. If you would like more informatin on our services please call.


All projects are handled individually, whether it is detailing drawings for a design already worked out or taking a lead role designing several commercial staircases and liaising with customer, architect, civil engineer and quality approval our project management enables us to take on every job head on delivering on time and budget.

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